Rug Spa Restoration

Good To Be Clean has a commercial grade rug spa that we use to clean and restore all kinds of natural and synthetic rugs. Here's a brief demonstration of our process. If you would like to get your area rug cleaned, give us a call at
(316) 320-6767 today, or send an email to 

It was a cold day back in December, 2013 when Samuel, Stephen, and Jesse decided to go caroling/prospecting. The first home they stopped at warmly welcomed them inside and even asked them to clean their carpets while they were there. What a nice family. Be sure to check out the sequel afterwards!

We wish we could clean your carpets

Apartment Cleaning

We have a thorough system in place to make sure our cleaning is top notch. We have a color coded system when cleaning to prevent cross contamination, such as cleaning a toilet and a desk with the same rag. There is no job too big or too small for us to handle.

The Clean Up Song

What better way to find motivation for the next cleaning job than singing along with Barney. In this video, Samuel and Stephen, co-founders of Good To Be Clean, show how they get pumped up for each cleaning job. 

Back by popular demand! 4 years ago to the day, Samuel, Stephen, and Jesse invaded a local family's home, and our hearts, with the original "We wish we could clean your carpets" video. This year, they're back at it again with a little help from Good To Be Clean's ACTUAL carpet cleaner, Nick Dieker.

We wish we could clean your carpets 2

We are IICRC certified carpet cleaners, offering professional carpet cleaning like no one else. We are IICRC certified and follow a strict 12 step cleaning process. Your carpet is a huge investment in your home and should be cleaned professionally every 12 months, prolonging its life and creating a healthier home environment.

Over time, tile & grout will collect dirt and grime and require professionals to correctly clean it. In this video, Stephen McVay (co-founder of Good To Be Clean) will give you a quick, detailed look at the process we go through to clean tile and grout. Check it out to see what we can do to bring your tile & grout back to life. 

Tile & Grout Process Video

12 Step Carpet Cleaning Process

Stephen McVay, Co-Founder of Good To Be Clean, walks us through a recent water damage restoration job. We are IICRC certified in this specific type of restoration, and ready to help you if you have an emergency. We are also certified in Mold Remediation and Fire & Smoke Restoration.

Water Damage Restoration

Watch More

Here's a funny little "educational" kid's show concept we put together. Just our attempt to help brainwas--umm...educate the next generation...

A Kid's Show (For kids)

What's better than a whole free room of carpet cleaning? How about watching Samuel McVay (Co-founder of Good To Be Clean) explain that offer? Even if you don't want your carpets cleaned, you are going to want to check out this comedic video which explains Good To Be Clean's special carpet cleaning offer. 

A Darn Good Cleaning Offer